Who are we?

Who are we?

KSA Consultants is a division of KS Associates Quantity Surveyors Ltd, which provides Quantity Surveying services to the construction industry.

Since 1999 KS Associates have been involved in 600+ projects with many of these being large and well-known; the following are examples of the wide range of projects we get involved in: 

  • The London Olympic Legacy Project
  • Various London Underground projects
  • New American Embassy, London
  • Warner Bros film studio; Leavesden
  • West Berkshire Waste Management Contracts, Padworth Centre
  • Refurbishment of the Dorchester Hotel penthouse suites, London
  • M25 Junction J9/10, Cobham – incorporating the temporary motorway diversion
  • London Southend Airport runway extension and train terminal
  • Luton and Dunstable guided busway
  • BBC Broadcasting House
  • Various luxury apartments including; Chelsea Creek, London; Beaufort Park, London; Fulham Reach, London; Kingston      Riverside, London
  • Re-location of the Coronation Street open air studio, Manchester
  • Derby City Town Hall
  • Conversion of Peel House, London into apartments
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Maple Cross
  • Biomass Power Plant, Wellingborough
  • New student accommodation block, refurbishment of swimming pool and new external works at Girton College, Cambridge
  • New building and external works incorporating lorry lift at the British Museum, London
  • London NW Data Centre
  • Nottingham tramway
  • Various Extra Care retirement villages including; Bishopstoke retirement village, Hampshire; Chalkdell Drive retirement village,      Milton Keynes; Alexandra Lodge, Portsmouth; Pannel Croft retirement village, Birmingham
  • Refurbishment of Morton Hotel, London
  • Network Rail fleet management facility, Beighton
What are the

The benefits

The benefits to the client and the team:

  • Production of clear concise tender information; pre-filtered for errors, conflictions, omissions, out-of-date and irrelevant      information
  • Production of relevant and workable scope of works and a contract sum analysis
  • Reduction in tender RFI’s
  • Any RFI’s that are issued will be dealt with on a single point of responsibility basis in a professional and concise manner to      ensure that tenderer concerns are fully addressed
  • Reduced scope for requests for extensions of time to the tender period
  • All tenderers will generally be using the same tender assumptions
  • Reduction in the quantity of risk items inserted by tenderers
  • Tenders will be prepared by tenderers who will have greater confidence in their understanding of the client requirements and the      scope of the contract

As a result of the above points returned tenders will have fewer qualifications, be more comparable, accurate and competitive. In addition the whole tendering process will run far more smoothly with the workload burden on the project management and design team being significantly reduced during the tender, tender analysis and tender negotiation periods.

We have no doubt in our vision that our tender procurement method will result in a good foundation from which the project can be carried forward through to completion.

What is wrong
with current

New challengers facing tender information management

In recent years we have witnessed a considerable deterioration in the quality of tender information provided on behalf of the client. This problem has been exacerbated by the introduction of E-tendering systems and the use of on-line drop boxes as the construction industry moves ever more into the digital world.

This deterioration has set new challenges with the importance of managing tender information efficiently and effectively becoming far more critical.

As with all new challenges innovative thinking is required to change working methods. From our vast experience of analysing tender information new working methods are not being implemented to address these new challenges. This is having an impact on the project as a whole costing the client in terms of money, time and performance.

What is our

Our solution

KSA Consultants has been established to add value to the project management team by directly addressing the challenges currently facing the management of tender information.

Our vision is to take control by analysing, managing and co-ordinating the tender information in a professional manner. We will utilise our experience and knowledge to unlock the full potential of the team and ensure the team produces good quality tender information. With complete and concise information being issued to tenderers from the outset the project as a whole will be starting off from a solid foundation.